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That’s horrifying

Legend says that if you leave your phone in a public bathroom and return at a later time, the BATHROOM MONKEY will leave his mark within your phone. This signifies that the BATHROOM MONKEY won’t stop until the subject is dead. Change your name. Flee the country. Burn your phone. The BATHROOM MONKEY will not stop.
Share this photo to ensure that your phone will be immune to the BATHROOM MONKEY’s curse.



So a friend of mine showed me the “First 5 minutes of HTTYD2” clip. And I noticed something……peculiar. 

Hiccup used Toothles’ fire/energy bolts to give himself little boosts whilst flying!


So yeah, I showed my friend the first five minutes the other day, and he immediately focused on this thing of beauty here.
At first I thought Toothless was just playing around, and Hiccup was dodging the fireballs, but this is amazing!

Even with his awesome gear Hiccup probably wont be able to stay airborne as long as Toothless, so this might be a way to actually maintain altitude.
And the detail! You can actually see the heat ripple the air asdfgf.

This movie isn’t even out yet and were already overanalyzing…

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